Catatan suhu BBT


Carta suhu BBT adalah satu kaedah mengesan penetasan telor / ovulation yang paling mudah, tepat dan murah harganya.
Perlu beli alat suhu yang khas , sering digelar ovulation / fertility thermometer yang bolih dibeli difarmasi dan ia disertai dengan kertas carta kosong yang perlu diisi mengikut sukatan suhu yang diukur pagi hari, sejurus sedar dari tidur dan belum melakukan apa2 aktiviti.

How is BBT Taken and Charted?
BBT is body temperature taken in the morning before rising, moving about, or eating.  To be accurate, the temperatures must be taken at the same time every day upon waking, preferably after a good night’s sleep. BBTs are measured orally with a thermometer and recorded on a chart in graph form.  It is essential that the thermometer reads accurately to the 10th of a degree, so you may want to purchase a specific BBT thermometer.  Any discrepancies to your normal sleep cycle or wake time should be noted so your practitioner can account for inconsistent readings.
Several factors can influence and distort BBT, including:
  • Irregular sleep, disruptive sleep, or travel to different time zone
  • Alcohol or drug consumption including antipyretic and anti-inflammatory medications or sleeping aids.
If you work swing shifts for work or have sleep difficulties, BBT charting may not be the most reliable tool for you.


The Picture Perfect BBT
BBT chart fluctuations reflect changes in a woman’s body throughout the menstrual cycle.  During pre-ovulation (also known as the follicular phase) temperatures should remain fairly stable.  Typically, there is a dip in BBT when lutenizing hormone (LH) surges just before ovulation and a spike in temperature shortly after ovulation.  Luteal phase (post-ovulatory) temperatures should remain at least 0.4 degrees higher than follicular phase temperatures in order for implantation to be successful.
Keep in mind that most women’s BBT charts are not picture perfect, and conception can occur despite irregularities.  This tool should be used as information only, not a complete diagnosis.  If you tend to be more stressed out by “too much information,” BBT charting may cause more harm than good.  Talk to your practitioner to decide BBT charting is right for you.


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